New Refridgerator Arrives

I have a new fridge for the current house. The old one has been dying for 1 year. I was hoping that it will last until I move to the loft, since I definitely won't need the same fridge for the loft. But it died, actually, on Friday the 13th last week. I went to Sear and bought the cheapest possible but still reasonable fridge on the next day. The sales rep arranged delivery on Tuesday. Not bad, except she made an error on the delivery address.

So the fridge finally arrives, bright and early, Sat morning. How many fridge have you bought in your life? Not too many. These things last forever. Technically this is only the second fridge I bought, not counting one for the tenant at the condo. I guess I should savor this moment, unpacking a brand new fridge. Working out where all the shelves should go. Assembling the butter compartment.