Almost giving up

I moved the initial P&S signing date from two weeks ago to this thursday hoping that we have more information on the building. The seller's lawyer sent over a standard, i.e. one sided, P&S for review. My lawyer of course picked out a lot of issues. The seller lawyer also mentioned to my lawyer something about problems with the contractors, there are possible lawsuits, and also some issue with a silent partner in the developer's partnership. So everything looks bad and I am thinking about giving up. In fact I asked my agent for a current list of everything available to get ready to move to plan B. Almost at the same time, the seller's agent faxed over a letter inviting the "owners" to a general meeting with the developer this Saturday. He informed us that they have switched over to a new contractor firm, and things are moving. So maybe there is hope? I asked the lawyer to ask for another extension on the P&S date, waiting to see what I hear on Saturday. In fact I am as interesting in meeting the other owners as meeting the developers.