digital pen and paper

Why did this Logitech digital pen product slipped through all the media? I saw it first in a PC Connection printed catalog. Visiting the Anoto website confirmed that it is the same technology by Anoto, first written up by Wired. This is a truly innovative idea. I hope it makes it. Maybe I should order one? Sounds like they are a little behind on getting paper printed. Much better than tablet PC, right? nothing beats the feeling of real pen writing on real paper. Maybe Micorsoft is killing all the press with their tablet PC announcements. Or they are waiting for next weeks' Comdex? Read the wired article for a description of the actual technology. It is very clever. This is one product that actually let the computer does the hard work and let the human does what's normal, i.e. writing pen on paper. The pen optically record where the pen is writing, and the paper has printed on it very small dots that make each location unique. Think of the pen reading X/Y cordinates from the paper. The article says that the pattern printed on the paper has such a large address space that each type of paper/form can be uniquely identified.