Year 2002 In Review

Year 2002. This is the year of the 20G iPod, the 20th anniversary for James Bond films, the ten year anniversary for Mini discs. This is the year where everyone is buying digital cameras, and we finally have more than one GSM phone network provider in the U.S. On my annual travel report, according to my American Airline account, I flew 118,785 miles -- which is a good thing, for me anyway since I actually like airports and airplanes. For the first time after all these years I got to see Cherry Bloosoms in Tokyo, first time to Kyoto, Kular lumper, and shen zhen. I also went back to Paris and LA after many years. The more I travel around the globe, the more I believe that the action, meaning growth and opportunities, are in Asia. Having spend some summer time in Frankfurt and paris, I do appreciate the European's quality of life society more and more, but that is just too comfy...

On the negative side, this year is the year of aftershock and wasted energy, both from 9/11 and the Internet bubble. Workwise a lot of time and effort is wasted on reorganization and layoffs. I am oh so surprise by how people on either side of this process are ignorant about people's jobs and lives. From the company side, often the process is reduced to numbers and a list of names. On the employee side, people do not understand what or how to chart their career paths, how to develop skills and remain marketable.

With all the things happening in 2002, I find myself going back to the basics. Re-centering and re-balancing. Not necessarily taking less time from work, but more time for other things.Travelling to new places is good. Health is the most important thing. I started going back to two times a week of Tai Chi sword and wushu basic training. I also started to play table tennis (not ping pong!) almost weekly with really good players. Wang-san, if you are reading this, I think it's time for some rematch !

I started my loft project late summer. I want to move to a smaller place, a loft in the city. This will make travelling easier, and cheaper to maintain. Kill the mortgage. Save some money. However that project, which is detailed on this website else where, is still going and not ending.

What about 2003, the year of the Sheep? I should stretch more, read more, program more, travel more, do more important things. Almost a New Years resolution !

Happy New Year!