Happy Moin Moin New Year, 2003!

New Years Day. Cold and wet outside. What's better than staying at home and, setup a Linux machine ? This is a new box, a Shuttle SS51G. Great form factor, sitting pretty on my desk at the moment. I am up to the point of setting up MoinMoin on it. I love, in fact I live on, wiki now. However MoinMoin does have its problems. First, it does not support FastCGI. (Probably not too hard to modify the moin.cgi to do it, project for later). It also have very bad installation instructions. To be more specific, it has reasonable step by step, type this and that, installation instruction, but does not explain the why of it. If you want to do things a little different, like preparing to setup multiple MoinMoin wiki on the same box, you need to do some planning and understanding, or read my notes, once I have finished. This is the forth time I install MoinMoin, each time a little different. So I think I finally got this whole process down. Next two MoinMoin related project would be fastCGI, and hacking the code to change the page header output to make it more compact.