I got my loft!

on or about 12:05 EST Sat. Actually it was a voice mail from the broker because I was attending my niece's first piano recital/graduation. We still have to get the signatures on the offer letter with the adjusted price, but I think this is it !Now blog from the loft may actually have a loft to blog from.

The negotiation process took 2 days and 5 counter offers. I have to say personally I rather just name a price and go with it, but people seems to prefer going back and forth towards some conceptual compromise mid-point. Oh well. The final price was exactly what I though it should be anyway, that's why I think it is kind of silly to go through the motion. That's just the INTJ talking perhaps.

Now on to home inspection, and getting my own place ready for sale. Anyone interested? email me. I'll give you a discount.