New Loft Possibility

I put in a bid for a different loft today. This is a loft in a small downtown financial district building. Very different from the original loft that I was (and is?) working on. It has its own character. But let's not get too excited until the offer is accepted first! The offer is a little tricky because the developer has priced out the unit as a finished unit. I wanted to buy it as a shell so that I can finish it. So I need to figure out what the sell price would be and go from there. i.e. I need to figure out how much money he was planning to put into finishing the unit, subtract that from the asking price, and that would be the starting point. Then I have to decide to make an offer how much below that. Typical situation, faxes got delayed, phone tagging back and forth, and not until very late in the evening the seller broker got hold of the seller, so I won't know until tomorrow.