Digital Video (DV) editing

I caught the DV editing bug end of last year when I decided to create a short film as a fairwell video for some co-workers. having watched all those movies the chance to actually create one is rewarding and fun. It was a fun but painful project largely because of equipment limitation. I had a surplus PIII pc with 6 gig of hard disk space to work with, and used Pinacle System's brand new Studio 8 software. The hardware was slow. I ran out of disk space constantly, and Studio 8 would crash every 30 minutes. But the end result was still good. Now I am starting on my second project, a home movie of our family Christmas gathering. I think this will be a good thing for the family, watching my little nieces openning their presents and having fun. Of course they will be so embarassed by it when they grow up.

I now have a real PC with a P4 2.4 and lots of disk space, but Studio 8 is crashing on me again. I gave up and switched to the much more expensive Vegas Video from Sonicfoundry. I tried their demo version first, and I was impressed enough to go buy it.

Some website that have VV3 info: