Digitizing Video Tapes

I have a new Shuttle PC with a Radeon 8500 All-in-Wonder card so that I can do movie editing and also video capturing. I saved a few old PBS shows on VHS for years. These shows unfortunately are not available on digital format. Now with this card I can capture them and burn DVD from them for my own personal archive. One cool thing I found out is that the Radeon card is smart enough to enable TV output as the only video out if a TV is plugged into the card on boot time. I took my PC downstair to the TV room, hook it up to the TV using S-Video cable and booted the system. If it did not enable TV-out automatically I would have to lug the monitor down there, not a fun thing to do. I did have problem with sound. I was getting a echo on the sound capture. I fixed it by disabling .wav output. I need to open the case and see how they connected the video card and the sound card together.

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