Packing day 2 and a half

Moving is ...painful. Lucky that I have help to packed my entire kitchen, all 15 boxes of it. Books and CD's and DVD's are easy also. But the office is, well, not done yet. Last two times when I moved it was so much easier, partly I think I am moving to a bigger place both times. This move is a reduction move, so I really have to decide what not to take. I still have not decided on which furniture to take yet. This has to be the most unorganized move I have ever made. At least I am not too stressed out by it... One fun (and distracting) part of packing is that I find old items that I have not seen for a while. Since I started working I have always kept a Engineering Notebook, at least that's what my old old boss told me. This was one of the many great things that I learn from him. (Of course, he is English trained)! Last time I flip through my archive I found that I have some years missing. Well, I found them during my packing. It is like finding two lost years of my life.

Another thing is that I found old pictures. That is pictures on photo paper, before the days of digital photography. How nostalgic. I still have not organized my old pictures after all these years. But I found time to rip all my CD's to MP3's. Go figures !