SARS and Hong Kong

I just watched a live broadcast from Hong Kong on CNNfn. The Hong Kong Chief Executive Tung Chi Hwa gave a press conference on SARS. He came acrossed as a very skilled communicator and politician. He was smooth, personable, communicate in both Cantonese and English seamlessly. Yet he politely ignored questions that he did not want to answer. I think very few places in the world you will see a bilingual press conference happening so seamlessly and naturally. That, is one thing very special about a trading port and international business center like Hong Kong. Are there anything positive about this SARS outbreak? This is a first in the dealing of a global deadly virus outbreak. It should prepare the world for others, as it surely will happen. It puts the focus on China and Hong Kong. While the spotlight shines negatively, I think any global awareness is a good thing. It should also force China to be more aware of its responsibility in the world. Death, specifically death by a virus, not by war, or people, is such a fundemantally understood and inexcusable tragedy.

While we are on the topic, BBC has some good updated news on SARS research.