RCN Cable, or I want my DirecTV

I have been living with RCN digital cable for several weeks now. Forget that the cable box user interface is so primitive and slow, the worst flaw is that the box only has composite video outout. What's the point of a digital signal !! I emailed their tech support. They were wonderful in responding to my email. They told me first that they have very few boxes in the warehouse that has S-Video out, and they are out of them right now. I asked them then if I can go buy my own, and they said the current policy do not allow me to do that. The tech that responded did say: ... I am doing some work compiling the requests from customers together with some of the new equipment spec sheets and writing a request for the policy change. This is something that may take quite a bit of coercion on the part of our customers to make this happen. Time for www.i-want-clean-signal-from-rcn.com ?