Sony iBook Look Alike

Sony came out with a subnotebook called the VAIO TR1. It looks completely different from the normal VAIO. It has that whitish look that resemble the iBook design. The spec of this thing looks great -- 3+ pounds, 10 inch wide screen, DVD/CD-RW drive, wifi, bluetooth, a portable note taking DVD viewing carry anyway machine. You can read the Japanese machine's spec and buy it in the US from at the Dynamisim site. The interesting thing is they just announced a model for the U.S., TR1-AP. And when I was in London I saw an actual English version, TR1-MP. The English version has bluetooth, but only 256 meg memory. After playing with the actual machine a bit, seems like the bit and finish on the machine is not great. At least not great comparing to my thinkpad. So -- do I get one? Still thinking. The US version is not shipping until July 26th anyway, according to the website when I try to order one.