I have decided to implement news aggregation on this site. One reason is that after reading some information on the mt-rssfeed plugin for MovableType, seems like it will be an easy installation. However, it turned out not to be 100% easy. Dean McKenzie wrote a well written tutorial on how to do it. This is just my short summary: Installing the mt-rssfeed plugin. Be careful,

  1. only install the main module into the plugsin directory, NOT the module.
  2. download the mt-list module as well. really can't use the rss without it
  3. put the into the mt directory. useful for testing
  4. make up a new template (tester outputing to test.html or something) for testing
  5. Put the feed names in a MT module so that you can update that separately, i.e. not editing your template file each time.

A reference site with lots of related link is here.