Hot-rodders vs. Musicians

I dropped by the local MicroCenter computer super store yesterday. They have revemped their hardware parts section to include a huge selection of DIY parts for case modding, motherboards, even Shuttle XPCs. If the local superstore is supporting the DYI'er, it must be a growing market.

In the same day I watched the Steve Job's keynote address at MacWorld. I am not an Apple user so this is the first time I got a review/preview of iLife 04. What an application suite !! It will really help the average consumer organize their pictures, music, burn DVDs with pictures and home video, and make music. While I just bought another Windows machine, the IBM Thinkpad X31, I really wished I could have bought an Powerbook.

It occured to me that there are two different cultures and segments out there for computer end users. The Windows and Intel people are turning to hardware -- modding their PC case, super clocking their CPUs. Computer for computer sake. Meanwhile the Mac people will be focusing on using their computers to enrich their family lifes. Being creative, making movies, making music. Isn't that what computers are suppose to do for us?