ACDSee 6.0.3 Review

Great news -- ACDSee fixed their 6.0 version with a free upgrade. I mentioned before about how bad 6.0 was, and I gave up and downgraded back to the 5.0 version after purchasing the upgrade. Finally they fixed the slow start up and it works great now. I hvae the powerpack, which include the PhotoSlate and PhotoCanvas software. The PhotoCanvas editing software is surprisingly useful for simple photo processing. I use it for resizing and cropping, which is what I do 80% of the time to clean up my digital pictures. The photoSlate software let you print photo calendars and cards, good for Mothers Day and Birthdays.

One tip -- during viewing or editing, the four numeric pad keys: + , - , * , / let you change the zoom level quickly.


  • The built in screen saver (a picture viewer, of course) is very nice. It is a little better than the Windows XP default screen saver. It allows you to show pictures from any directory.

Problems with the Software

  • The image basket feature seems useful, but I cannot use it to add pictures to the screen saver. Poor integration.