Smart Card Reader for PCs

Like it or not, the next big PC "drive slot" on the box will be a Smart Card reader. Currently we started to see digital media reader slot built into PC cases: readers for Compact flash cards and SD card and memory stick. For example, the new systems from Shuttle, the small form factor PC maker, has them. It only make sense. Take the CF card from your camera, plug into the PC, and download or view pictures immediately. But looking way forward (oh, say, 2005), PC maker need to start bundling some form of Smart Card reading into the PC case, so that we can do secure PKI based online transactions. The Hong Kong Postal service is starting the service. The Asian contries have much higher chances of succeeding on implementing smart card ID based online transaction because they already have or likely to implement national ID cards using Smart Card technology. Putting that fact together with the fact that most of these PC components are made in Asia, why won't we start seeing that here in the States?