Next Cell Phone

As you know, I have been using Sony Ericcson cellphones for a while, my current is a Z600 that I bought in Hong Kong. It is a good phone, but a little bulky. The software is so-so. Propriety connector for power and especially the headphone makes it a pain to use. My first love is still my old Nokia 8890 -- a well design, cool looking, easy to use, GSM world phone. I have been looking at the new Nokia series 60 Symbian phones. I was looking forward to the new clamshell 6260, but this 6260review changed my mind. I was hoping that the Nokia 6670 is better. review here. Unfortunately it seems that the 6260 is not that great either, being a minor upgrade from the 6600. The phone to have, then is the new Nokia 6630. This is a 3G phone with a 1.3 meg camera, MMC card, etc. See the review here.