Great cellphone service vendor in Boston

I never thought of Boston as a hot area for mobile phone and service vendors. That would be NYC. Many of the the mail order, unlocking, global GSM phones are based NYC. Almost by luck I ran into this little kiosk shop at Boston's Prudential Mall -- Warlox Wireless. Evan, probably the owner, handles unlocking and repairing and flashing phones. It's great to find a knowledgable and friendly and local vendor like this, especially if you want to hand over your, probably expensive, cellphone for "modding". For me I was trying to get a pretty much damaged SE phone repaired. He tried very hard to fix it for me, but it was beyond repair at the end. He did not charged me for the attempt, and we also had a great conversation on phones and phone techs. The only "bad news" is that he might have talked me into upgrading (not from him because he does not carry that particular model) to a more expensive phone. If you need some phone repair, flashing, or unlocking, pay them a visit.