How many pair of headphones do you have? I have the following: _

  1. Several pairs of wired earpiece for my cellphone, one in the car, one in the bag, one on the desk, etc.
  2. One pair of B&O cool looking and reasonably sounding A8 headphones for my iPod Shuffle
  3. One bluetooth headset, for my phone
  4. One noise cancelling Bose QuietComfort 2 for listening to music while travelling on the plane, or sleeping on the plane
  5. One pair of wired headphone + mic for Skyping on my PC

  6. One wireless RS120 headphone for watching TV without disturbing others in the house.

Too many pairs? Exactly. There are some products out there now that combine a cellphone headset with a stereo headset for listening to music on the go. But how about adding a audio passthru mode so that I can hear the traffic when I want to? and improve the sound quality.