The Web of Treos

Since I got my Treo 700p, I started lots of research on the web for reviews, tips and tricks, and products. After a while I notice some thing strange. A lot of the online retailers are related or backed by the same company. I dug deeper. What I found is pretty "interesting".

Starting with TreoCentral. It is owned by Palm. From their website's disclaimer at the page bottom:

TREO and TreoCentral are trademarks or registered trademarks of
palm, Inc. in the United States and other countries;
the TreoCentral mark and domain name are used under license
from palm, Inc. The views expressed on this website are solely
those of the proprietor, or contributors to the site, and do not
necessarily reflect the views of palm, Inc.

Look under their "about" page, it confirmed what I thought -- the Smartphone Experts brand of products are behind the store front as well:

Today, the infrastructure created for the TreoCentral stores
powers a wide variety of Smartphone stores under the
umbrella organization Smartphone Experts.

Checking on the Smartphone Experts website confirms that they powered the store part of most of the treo sites out there:

  • TreoCentral Store
  • Treonauts Store
  • Everything Treo Store
  • Treo Addicts Store
  • and BlueShop for bluetooth stuff.

So when these Treo sites review products, are they truly independent of the Smartphone Expert brand? You thought it matters which site to buy stuff from, but it really doesn't since they are all the same store? What do you think?