Treo as a PDA

I owned a long list of PDA's and ultra portable devices before they were mainstream. It never worked for me. No matter how small these devices are, I just couldn't carry one around with me all the time. The only thing that carry with me at all times is -- yes, my cellphone. I don't even carry my wallet with me at all times. But cell phone? Yes. It tell times (see the much quoted NYT article), it keeps me connected (by voice), I have to carry it. Now that I have my Treo 700p for a month, I can honestly say that, because it is a cellphone, I carry it with me everywhere. As a result, I have my PDA with me at all times! Contact list, emails, calendar, isn't it great? I put my driver license, a credit card and an ATM card into my Treo carrying case, and I have everything that I need with me at all times.