iPhone is NOT the big deal...

What? No? Sure, the iPhone is "cool", "unbelievable". I agree. But all the buzz is shadowing the really important Apple product -- Apple TV. This is such a well conceived device. It solves ALL of my home media management problem, and I am not even a Mac user. What will the Apple TV do?

  • I can now access all my photos on all my PC's at home on my big screen TV without any work.
  • I can listen to all my music stored on all my PC's running iTunes without any work.
  • I may even start to buy TV shows and movies from iTunes store

Get it yet? This is going to

  1. put iTunes on every (windows) PC's
  2. Get people to start buying movies and music videos and music from itunes store

Get it? No need for any windows media editions, any roku/slim device/sonos etc. It will just work. My only worry is loosing that little remote control from Apple. I hope my Logitech Harmony remote can send those Apple codes. I am (pre)ordering one.