Blogging online directly sometimes deter writing longer posts. After some research I am going to give BlogJet a try. First thing first, configuration is not as easy as it seems. I have my own server installation of wordpress. BlogJet will not auto detect my server. I need to manually configure the account by specifying:

  1. select “WordPress” as the provider
  2. enter my own server name (host), e.g. , without the http part
  3. enter the page as /loft/xmlrpc.php
  4. Wait, it still does not work…

Turned out, I also have to edit my .htaccess file to add the following:

<Files xmlrpc.php>SecFilterInheritance Off</Files>

First Impression

As I am typing this post — I like the very simple interface. Just type! One minor gripe — When you need to insert a link, you have to:

  1. go to the web page you want in your browser
  2. copy the URL from the address bar
  3. go back to blogjet, select the phrase to link
  4. click on the insert link icon
  5. paste the copied URL.

Why can’t BlogJet default the URL to what’s on the clipboard?