Firefox 2 tabbed browsing

I finally upgraded to Firefox 2. It has more built-in features so I need to use less of add-ons. One of the most use feature for me is tabbed browsing. I used to use "tab mix plus" on 1.x firefox to fine tune tabbed browsing. Now most of the features are included in the base 2.0 release. I was disappointed at first, when I open a new tab, it does not load the homepage by default. Since my homepage is where my frequently use links are, it is a major pain. Tab mix plus did that for me.

But wait, hold on, third-mouse-button click defaults to openning link in new tab. So, if I do a third-mouse-button click on the "home" icon, what will happen? A new tab open with the home page loaded.

By the way, the same goes for openning bookmarks in a new tab. Just use thrid-mouse-button click on the bookmarks.