Emacs + Python + Windows

Being an old school multi platform kinda person, I use emacs. Lately I have been doing some serious Python programming on my laptop running Windows XP. I never got python-mode to work under emacs, version 21.3 or so, the released version from 2003. With the increase amount of coding, I wanted python mode --

Version 22 of Emacs comes with its own python mode. But version 22 is not available for windows as yet. At least not and official version. But, if you go to the EmacsW32 site, you can get the current CVS version, plus all the nice little W32 extras. Go here: ourcomments.org/Emacs/EmacsW32Util.html to download all the good stuff.

Now I have syntax highlighting in color, open recent file list, and a whole long list of new emacs and W32 stuff that I can try out.