Is an incomplete good deed better than no good deed done?

Long Story. Bear with me. A nice old man dropped into my office, asking if I am "so and so". I wasn't. Turned out he picked up a wallet on the street with ID's in it. He wanted to return it.

I googled the name and found that he is most likely was visiting a client in a concierged building around the corner. I'll spare you the details, but because of the professional info that is a likely case. I told the old man he could leave the wallet with me and I can track the person down easily. The power of google. But he insisted he will give the wallet back himself. So I told him to try that building and leave the wallet with the concierge. After all, a very high end place with high end service. I am sure the concierge will take care of it.

After the old man left, I continue to google the person, and found his email, phone, and office location, which is just a little further down the road. So I ran out trying to catch the old man, no luck. I dropped into the concierge, he did not take the wallet. I was disappointed. Concierge should try harder to help than that. I ran around the block, cannot find the old man.

Meanwhile, I contacted the owner, and got his hopes up, only to let him know that the old man is gone with the wallet at the end.

Good deed unfinsihed. End result is still bad. On second though I could have kept the old man for a little longer to finish my googling, or asked for his phone number just in case. Lots of options, too late now.

What would you do? How would you feel?


A final email came from the owner. Turned out the old man delivered the wallet back to the owner. Perhaps the concierge told the old man where is the owner's office. I am so glad that there is a good ending to this chain of event.