My New Bicycle

I did it. I bought a rebuilt single speed bike from Bikes Not Bombs last week, and I am on my third day of commuting by bicycle. Yes, my new office is only 0.6 mile away from home. But I actually use the bike to head to meetings in other parts of town, to the bank, etc. It really works well. It helps that the weather is getting better and better too. Having not rode a bike for many years, it was not easy. Together with the lacking of general aerobic exercise thru the winter makes for a challenging start. There are also the other related things like getting the bike thru doorways, carrying it up and down a flight of stairs, finding good places to U-Lock it, that are all part of the commuting experience.

I'll have to give an update each week to see how it goes.

And here is the bike: A Jetter with all new JIS single speed parts, and a wald basket. Apparently there are very few Jetter's around. Googling found almost nothing about this NJ manufacturer. It was "love at first sight" at the bike shop. I like the bright blue with the well worn look. It has just the right urban and unique feel to it.

My Old New Bicycle

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