The ugly side of Web Site Building

Our process for developing a website is to help the client express their brand and customer base, to help our designers come up with a consistent and effective design. Often, as a project picks up attention, the client committee size grows, or new people take charge, and they started "contributing" to the visual design over and over. This is one respond I wrote today:

Sorry to be direct, but we are heading down the wrong path and time is precious:

It is not productive to spend time on the look. Designing by a revolving committee will never get us anywhere. Trust us on the current look—it’s a synthesis of ideas that has a lot of consistency to it.

In fact, the content management system is designed to discourage any visual tweaking by the content writer. Can you imagine all the New York Times reporting wanting to specify what font and colors for their articles when they are writing? We just need the content, and leave the visuals to the graphics designers.

So let’s get the content written, approved, and entered. And we are good.

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