Enfonie Echo Dot 2 Battery Pack Review

Sometimes you found a product that you did not think you need until you tried it. The Enfonie Echo Dot battery pack is such a device. When the manufacturer offer this battery pack at a discounted price for a review, I accepted because I always wonder why anyone would need such a thing. I have a full size Amazon Echo in my office, and the Echo Dot in my bedroom. They are always plugged in.


When I connected this battery pack to my Dot, I realized now I can move the Dot around the house and use it as a portable speaker ! Since I use the Echo a lot to listen to the radio and music, it works really well. The batteries lasted about a full day. It died over night so I think the advertised 10 hours of battery life is accurate. Normally you would plug the pack back in often, so it will never die on you.

$29.49 $46.99

I have the original Echo Dot, so this battery pack actually does not fit perfectly with it, whereas the current version will mate with the pack seamlessly.

One cool feature of the battery pack is that it has an additional USB out so you can use it to charge a phone as well. Just for fun, I used it to power my micro:bit, as you can see in the picture. It works, but because the micro:bit draws so little power, the pack shuts off the charging after a minute or too.

If you want a portal Alexa machine, this pack is for you.