Jibo Review Day 1

We unboxed Jibo this evening. Here are some quick observations:

  • The packaging is very nicely done, and it is easy to unbox
  • The setup process is friendly, and almost entirely done on Jibo except initially you need to install their iPhone app to setup WIFI on Jibo
  • It uses a QR code to send the WIFI info from the iPhone App to Jibo, nice touch
  • It rebooted many times before becoming useful
  • The built in apps / capability right now is not that great, it cannot play music, make calls, etc

So what does it do well? The movement is definitely well done. It can find and look at the speaker initiating the conversation. It has good programmed personality. I don't think anyone would pay full price for it until more applications are developed. But as an original Kickstarter backer, I am glad it's here, joining our household of multiple Amazon Echos.

Check out this quick video: