I broke and fixed my cellphone

I dropped my Nokia 8890 several times last week. I think I broke it Sunday night when it vibrated itself off the shelf. I realized that it was broken when I used it on Monday and could not hear any thing from it. The loudspeaker was not working. I had to press the top together to make it work, or use the headset. I opened it up with these instructions and my T6 screw driver. One of the screw recepticle broke off. The loudspeaker's contact is pressure based. So if the top is loose, the loudspeaker is not making contact with the PCB. I brought some superglue and glued the broken piece back, then held it close with one of those Quick-Grip Mini Bar Clamp. (I love those things). Now it is working. I also found a source that will sell me the cover assemble if I need to replace it.

Now that I fixed the phone, I feel a little less need to replace it with the Sony Ericsson T610. Meanwhile, there is a detail review on this phone that is titled My heart was broken by the T610 over at Mobile Burn. Maybe I really should wait for the next one.