My New iPod

I got my iPod !! 30G, third generation. It is just pure design and function. WOW. I paid only $410 for it with some discount coupons. I am using this with a Windows 2000 PC and firewire connection. I first tried to just use my existing MusicMatch software by installing the portable device plugin. It did not work. I had to install from the Apple CD because it install the currect iPod manager and other software. It asked for the serial number of my iPod. Not sure if that is necessary except for registration. It also updated the iPod's firmware. This thing is so well designed. From the product packaging (what a out-of-box experience it was), to little touches like the base of the docking station is rubbery enough, and the station is heavy enough that it does not slide around on my desk. The concept of the docking station with an audio line out is great. I am going to get another one and hook it up to the bedroom stereo. It will becomes the music source for late night sleeping listening. $40 is pretty expensive for it though. Note that the audio out is at line level, i.e. not affect by the volume setting.

Second cool design touch -- when you turn off the back lighting, it dims out, instead of just switching off immediately.

Update -- MusicMatch, or rather their plug in, just crashed on me. It refuses to start up, and locked up the iPod. I have to do a reset sequence -- toggle hold switch, hold menu and play together for 5 seconds. But now my iPod's disk is cleared according to the iPod, and have old content according to musicmatch.

Update (7/29) -- One thing that I don't like about the iPod is the wired remote. It looks nice but the clip is difficult to use. I prefer the Sony stick style remote. Also since there is no display on the remote, I have to take the iPod out to change tunes.