Infrant NV+ RAID Failure, Part 1

If there is one piece of hardware that you don't want failing, it will be a RAID disk array. After loosing a ton of media files, twice, I invested in a serious RAID box. The Infrant Technology NV+. It costs close to $2000 by the time I filled it with 1.5Terra bytes of redundant disk storage.A few days ago when I woke up in the morning, I find that my iMac has disconnected to the RAID drive. I looked, and the RAID is powered off. Strange since it is plugged into a UPS and there were no power related warning from the UPS. I unplugged and plugged the powercord back. The fan moved for a second, then stopped. After several attempts it came back online. Only to have the same thing happened two days later. The sympton seems to be power supplied related. Getting on the Infrant technology's support forum, and there was a posting directly mentioning this problem: Service Action to Prevent PSU Failure . Seems like it is a known problem, caused by the new fanless PSU overheating. Wish I knew about this ! I purchased the NV+ after some research. I think it is (was) a nice little company. Unfortunately for me, fortunately for them perhaps, Netgear seems to think so as well. Netgear bought the company. I called tech support. A well mannered highly possibly off-shored customer service rep answered the phone after 15 minutes. She was nice, took down my info, and transfered me to the "right department". I waited for 5 minutes on hold, and decided to hang up and will call them back later. What a surprised when my phone rang a few minutes later. They called me back. "The call must have been disconnected", he said. We went over the problem. I am not sure if he is completely sure or know of this known problem, but he offer to RMA the power supplier. I can either send mine back and wait for a new power supplied unit, or they will advance ship for a fee. I spent $19.95 and took the advance shipping option. They will ship me via DHL a new power supply. I have to open the case and do the swap, and they have prepaid return setup for me. Not too bad. Later in the day I received a DHL shipping notice. Let's hope this work out for me!


See the instructions and pictures of my replacing the power supply here.